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Support Information - Rental Property in the Villages, Florida


The Villages is served by television channels from the Orlando market, although channels from the Tampa market also cover the area. It is also served by radio stations from both the Orlando and Gainesville/Ocala markets, and by area newspapers such as the Orlando Sentinel, the Tampa Tribune, the Tampa Bay Times, the Leesburg Daily Commercial, and the Ocala Star-Banner.

Local media

The Villages developers or their successors operate three media properties:
The Villages News Network (VNN), which is aired on the local Comcast cable network
The Villages Daily Sun, a local newspaper
Radio station WVLG AM 640 (a Fox News Radio affiliate).

Local, independent media outlets include:
Villages-News.com, an online news service that reports local crime, government news, and happenings.


Golf cart bridge over US 27/US 441
Highway system

The Villages development is bounded roughly by US 27/US 441 to the east, US 301 to the west, County Road 42 to the north, and County Road 466A to the south, though construction has now proceeded well south of 466A with the development of several new villages, the Bonifay Country Club, and the Brownwood town center in that area. On December 10, 2013, The Villages of Lake-Sumter Inc. agreed to an $8 million deal to purchase Pine Ridge Dairy tract in Fruitland Park, Florida with a planned construction of 2,038 new Villages homes.[58] Although County Road 466 previously served as the main east-west corridor, the addition of homes and facilities south of County Road 466 and in the city of Fruitland Park, Florida has turned County Road 466A into a secondary east-west corridor. Buena Vista Boulevard and Morse Boulevard serve as major north-south corridors. Due to the prevalence of golf courses many residents in The Villages use golf carts (some of which are street-legal, and some of which are solar-powered) to travel around the community. Tunnels have been built in most of The Villages where a highway must be crossed, but one overpass exists across US 27/US 441 because there was no way to construct a tunnel in this area

Public transportation

Sumter County Transit operates The Villages shuttle. They provide various weekday loops through the Villages.

The Villages developers operate a trolley-style bus tour of the community which operates from the sales and information center located at The Market Square in Lake Sumter Landing.

There are a number of options available for travel between Orlando International Airport and The Villages, such as the shuttle service provided by The Villages Transportation. Travel between The Villages and The Orlando International Airport lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Amtrak serves The Villages by connecting bus to Jacksonville and Lakeland


The following school listings are primarily for tax base purposes only, as The Villages does not allow full-time residents under age 19 except in the three family unit neighborhoods of Bison Valley, Spring Arbor, and Oak Meadows or by exception granted for hardship cases.

The portion of The Villages located in Marion County is zoned to Lake Weir High School of the Marion County School District.There are no family unit neighborhoods in the Marion County portion of The Villages.

The portion of The Villages located in Sumter County is zoned to Wildwood Middle High School of Sumter District Schools. There is one family unit neighborhood (Bison Valley) in the Sumter County portion of The Villages.

The portion of The Villages located in Lake County is zoned to Leesburg High School of the Lake County Schools. There are two family unit neighborhoods (Oak Meadows and Spring Arbor) in the Lake County portion of The Villages.

Although children cannot legally reside in most neighborhoods of The Villages, The Villages Charter Schools is a PK-12 charter school in unincorporated Sumter County. Children are eligible to attend the charter school if one or both of their parents work directly for The Villages or one of its direct subcontractors, or if a parent works for a business located within The Villages. Children of residents who reside in a family unit neighborhood or by granted exemption do not automatically qualify for attendance based solely on their residence.



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