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How We Help Renters Take their Inquiries Into Bookings - Rental Property in the Villages, Florida

In most cases Booking a vacation home for a renter is an easy process and experience. The average renter of properies in the Villages, Florida, will search through numerous property listings before finally selecting the best properties. We place our homes featuring one home at a time because we know the home we feature should give our Renters making the inquiry the best home at the best price.

We have great photos of our homes and we provide all the relevant information included in the listing.

What happens next makes the house a confirmed booking íV if not on this trip, then perhaps sometime down the road.

Our website provides the information people frequently request into one webpage for your easily reference. If you email us we will respond quickly and you will have the information you need within minuters.

Our website provides all the information you need to start your rental process. If you have additional question or do not understand our listing information just call us and we will provide the answers. The Village high seasons are Jan, Feb, March and April so you will see that this is way the prices are higher in these month. We can answer an common questions, like information on pets we allow ( less than 20 pounds) or cancellation policy, or explaining your maximum occupancy. The Villages has a minimum age of 55 years for the renter. However you can have your family and grandchildren visit for up to two weeks. This is the Villagers developers rules not ours has your landload.


We always respond quickly

We understand that our rental house bookings often go to the first person who responds to answer questions or confirm availability. So will contact you immediately. WE want to provide you with a great home experience in the Villages.

Check your email and phone messages on a regular basis; if you have a smartphone, you can even set alerts to notify you when new emails are delivered. If you do not like email and phone messages do not worry we will call you quickly and do everything over the telephone.

It is fact that Vacation home owners who call rather than e-mail have a significantly higher conversion rate than those who simply e-mail so we will phone you and get information to you with any delay. We monitor our email all day as well if you want to communicate this way.

We want to communicate with you on a personal level and answer any questions they might have in a very timely way. If you are interested in booking, we follow-up without losing any time so you can have all the relevant additional information you need to make your booking.

We will Go above and beyond to work with you so you can book our houses.

We want to exceed expectations from the start from our renters. We want to create a good foundation to build on. Deliveringmore than people expect is our goal.


Some tips

  • Add an email form: Accepting inquiries via a form eliminates some time-consuming back-and-forth, and helps ensure you have key details to effectively respond to an inquiry.
  • We have a newsletter: We would like to invite our renters and potential renters to sign up for your newsletter. If you regularly visit the Villages area, or your are interested in returning so to the Villages, this will enable you to keep informed about the community and upcoming events.


The Villagers Rental and Villagers Rental are a subsidiary of 1 and 1 Rental http://www.1and1rental.com


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